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Travel English and Culture 旅遊英語與文化


Providence University 國際學院 曾羿凱

關鍵字: 旅遊英語與文化 旅遊 英語 文化 高中 Travel English and Culture Travel English Culture

Travel English and Culture has a threefold aim which is designed in three aspects. First, it aims to deepen the reorganization of travel-related vocabulary and fixed expression. At this level, the usage of English is regarded as survival-travel-English (STE). The essential input is conveyed by instructors. Second, it aims to widen the sense of cultural awareness. At this level, students need to identify the similarities and differences between and among different cultural backgrounds. This is done via input of the target culture conveyed by the instructors (the rooted teacher and the guest teachers). The class instruction will focus on the teaching of vocabulary, fixed expressions, idioms, proper names, and cultural expressions. Third, it also aims to pave the route to appreciate the beauty of foreign culture as well as to express the culture of their own. At this level, students will be expected to do simple research, discussion, and presentation on historical, cultural, literary, architectural, traditional, or festive issues. The course is structured to help students build the foundation of English and prepare them for future courses or self-learning in terms of sharing their ideas.
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