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Providence University 英國語文學系 楊逸君

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The purpose of this course is to promote student interest in the study of English within an English-speaking environment. It is also designed to improve communicative competence through the reading, listening, speaking and writing of English in order to meet academic requirements. This design focuses on the study of basic and advanced skills and styles by reading, writing, understanding and appreciating British and American literature and culture through the use of magazine articles, textbook passages, essays, poems, and short stories. It is also designed to encourage the student to open his or her mind through the discussion of literature and humanism using movies based on novels, and new strategies and activities for TOEFL®iBT and TOEIC Tests from ETS. Through this process, critical thinking is also encouraged by employing extensive reading selections and the use of internet resources for sharing. Film viewing, academic writings, sample essays continue to develop critical thinking skills by exposure to global issues. This will help the student to practice oral and written English and to build personal values, quality of life and an appreciation of global cultures. In this way the student is able to develop a professional fondness for English and thus to continue study in three areas – language, literature, and linguistics. Thus, this design will aid in preparing the student for self-study for a lifetime.

這門課程開給英文系大一學生,旨在營造英語環境以提升學生英語學習興趣,加強聽、說、讀、寫四種英語文溝通能力,以達專業學術水準。它的特色在復習基本閱讀技巧並加強較進階閱讀技巧,介紹讀書技巧和文體,用在研討寫作上。在選讀英美名著和雜誌教科書文章、散文、短篇小說、小說和詩等,學習了解欣賞文學文化,並以英語討論報告。安排小說改編電影的觀賞討論小說文學,鼓勵學生開啟心智,並教導人性價值觀,無形之中給與人文教育涵養。介紹美國教育考試服務中心新托福TOEFL®iBT和托益TOEIC Tests 測驗技巧與題型。在這過程中批判式思考閱讀受鼓舞,並從網路書籍廣泛閱讀報告分享。電影欣賞、學院的書寫、散文範文使學生接觸世界議題,持續培養批判式思考策略。主題討論除幫助學生口說寫作演練外,還能建立個人價值觀、生活品質、欣賞世界文化。如此學生能培養在三個領域—英語教學、文學、語言學學習上英文專業的喜好。因此,也能有助於培養終生自我學習之道。
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