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English II 英文(二)


Providence University 國際學院 曾羿凱

關鍵字: 英文

This course is aimed at non-English freshman students. Through classroom English textbooks and activities, extracurricular designated reading, and GEPT online self-study exercises, we hope to effectively improve English vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading skills, and cultivate students' habit of learning English. And interest, as well as the direction and motivation to inspire continuous English proficiency. Freshman English courses and a one-hour self-study course per week are required to use the E-point teaching and testing system in the language classroom during the designated class time to do weekly national English online examination exercises. This self-study course aims to cultivate students' self-study habits. Through practice, they are familiar with the national English test questions and enhance their English listening and reading skills. Online simulation tests and reading examinations are held at the mid-term and the end of the period to test students' English learning results and enhance students' English test The ability to take the test.

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