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國立中山大學 物理系 蔡秀芬

關鍵字: 電磁 電磁學 Electromagnetics ELECTROMAGNETISM 蔡秀芬老師

(1)Vector Analysis(向量分析) (2)Electrostatics (靜電學) (3)Special Techniques in Solving Electrostatic Problems (解決靜電場問題的特殊技巧) (4)Electric Fields in Matter (介電材料中的電場) (5)Magnetostatics(靜磁學) (6)Magnetic Fields in Magnetic Materials (磁性材料中的磁場) "第一週 EM-Model/Vector Addition, subtraction and product/Orthogonal Coordinate Systems 第二~三週 Vector analysis (Gradient, Diverage, Curl)/Differential Calculus/Integral Calculus 第四週 Electrostatics/Coulomb's law, Gauss's Law/第一次考試 第五週 Electric potential 第六~七週 Dielectrics in Static Electric Field 第八週 Capacitance and Electrostatic energy/第二次考試 第九~十週 Special Techniques in Solving Electrostatic Problems/Poisson's and Laplace's equations/Method of Images 第十一週 Boundary-Value Problems 第十二週 Steady Electric currents 第十三週 Magnetostatics/Vector Magnetic potential/第三次考試 第十四週 The Biot-Savant Law 第十五週 The Magnetic Dipole, Magnetization 第十六週 Magnetic Fields in Magnetic Materials/Magnetic Field Intensity and Permeability 第十七週 Boundary condition for Magnetostatic Fields and Magnetic Energy 第十八週 期末考" 週次 日期 授課內容及主題 1 2009/02/16~2009/02/22 static magnetic fields (Inductance & Inductors) 2 2009/02/23~2009/03/01 Time-varying Fields and Maxwell equations: Faraday's law 3 2009/03/02~2009/03/08 Time-varying Fields and Maxwell equations: Potential Functions 4 2009/03/09~2009/03/15 EM waves: Wave Equations and Time Harmonic fields 5 2009/03/16~2009/03/22 Plane waves in Lossless media 6 2009/03/23~2009/03/29 Plane wave in Lossy media 7 2009/03/30~2009/04/05 The First examination 8 2009/04/06~2009/04/12 Plane wave in Lossy media 9 2009/04/13~2009/04/19 Normal and Oblique Incidence at a Plane Dielectric Boundary 10 2009/04/20~2009/04/26 Transmission Line 11 2009/04/27~2009/05/03 General Transmission Line Equations 12 2009/05/04~2009/05/10 Wave Characteristics on Finite Transmission Lines 13 2009/05/11~2009/05/17 Second examation 14 2009/05/18~2009/05/24 Waveguide: General Behavior 15 2009/05/25~2009/05/31 Parallel-Plate Waveguide 16 2009/06/01~2009/06/07 Rectangular Waveguides: TE and TM waves 17 2009/06/08~2009/06/14 Circular Waveguide: Bessel 18 2009/06/15~2009/06/21 Third Test
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