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未來領袖的生物學 Biology for future presidents


國立臺灣大學 生命科學系 方德厚

關鍵字: 生物學 Biology

本課程特邀請美國加州大學戴維斯分校榮譽校長暨傑出教授 Larry Vanderhoef 至本院開課,課程內容在闡述生命科學與人類社會息息相關之重要議題。期能增進修課學生對於生命科學與人類社會相關之重要議題的認識,並提升學生之國際視野。課程概述及進度如下: Politicians and policy makers are usually not students of biology. Rather they are likely to come out of social sciences and law. There are, though, certain biological facts and principles that they must understand if they are going to legislate wisely. This course presents a few of the most important biological issues among them.
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