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10802感覺與知覺Feeling and perception


國立清華大學 生命科學系 焦傳金

關鍵字: 感覺與知覺 感覺與知覺(Feeling and perception)


     Brief course description
課程目標 !
      This is a basic course in neuroscience. The goal is to introduce you to how the sensory system works in a clear and easy to understanding way. In this six-week course, there will be 12 units per week, each unit will have a 5 minutes video. By answering many interesting questions related to daily life, you can learn the latest brain science knowledge. Let us add a bit of knowledge while sensory interacting with the world. 

     Course objectives
 In this course, based on the sensory system in the field of neuroscience, we will gradually introduce human sensations and perceptions including the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. These sensory systems are the medium of human receiving external information which not only influence our rational and thinking, but also our emotions and memories. Therefore, it is a popular science knowledge that the general public will be interested in and can easily arouse most people’s concerns. The course objective is to trigger public curiosity with vivid text, pictures and videos. And transform difficult neuroscience knowledge into personal experience in a simple way that can be understood by everyone. Let us learn the popular and common science knowledge through experiences and feelings and apply this knowledge to daily life.

Week 1. 視覺一(靈魂之窗)
Week 2. 視覺二(影像腦中尋)
Week 3. 聽覺(原音重現)
Week 4. 觸覺(肌膚之親)
Week 5. 冷熱覺與痛覺(不可承受之輕)
Week 6. 嗅覺與味覺(化學變化)



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