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國立清華大學 電機工程學系 潘晴財

關鍵字: 電路學(Electric Circuits) 電力電子(Power Electronic) 電力系統(Power System) 控制系統(Control System)

找尋興趣,提早準備,贏在起跑線!想追求更多課本以外的專業知識嗎?清華大學開放式課程為你種植了一座學習資源森林,等你來探索!NTHU Open Courses Ware has planted a learning-material forest, now it’s waiting for you to explore! Now, go into the OCW forest, and taste the sweetest knowledge fruits.


Course Description
This is the first course in EE department. The teaching goals may be simply stated as follows:
Of course, the team work spirit and ethics are emphasized such that every student can possess a nice character of being willingto contribute to his family, his society , his country.



Course Content
More specifically, the major contents are listed as follows:

1.Basic concepts of electrical circuits 
2.Nodal Analysis of Resistive Circuits 
3.Mesh Analysis of Resistive Circuits 
4.Network Theorems of Linear Circuits(two-ports parameters) 
5.First Order and Second Order Circuits(transient analysis) 
6.State Space Represengtation of the Circuits
7.Analysis of Single Phase AC Circuits
8.Analysis of Single Phase AC Circuits
9.Analysis of Magnetically Coupled Circuits
10.Laplace Transform Approach to Circuit Analysis

To build an understanding of concepts and ideas explicitly in terms of previous learning.





Electrical Circuits By James W. Nilsson and Susan A. Riedel 2008 Edition


Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (3rd Edition)by Alexander Sadiku

 McGraw-Hill International Edition 



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