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10401 數位聲訊分析與合成


國立清華大學 電機工程學系 劉奕汶

關鍵字: 數位聲訊分析與合成(Analysis and synthesis of digital audio signals) 離散時間傅立葉轉換 (Discrete Time Fourier Transform) 線性非時變系統 (Linear Time-Invariant) 窗函數在頻域分析上的效應(Windowing effects with frequency analysis) 頻譜估計(Spectral Estimation ) 音高之聽覺生理基礎(Physiological Basis for Pitch Percept ) 費希爾訊息(Fisher Information )



 Course Description 

 信號與系統,線性代數, 或由授課老師許可. 亦歡迎有興趣之大學部高年級同學選修.

To introduce application of signal processing methods in music,language, and other sounds in
daily life, including two major parts: sound analysis and sound
synthesis. After taking this course, students should be familiar with the core
techniques and background knowledge in this field. Also, current research topics
will be selectively covered. Final projects are required and students are
encouraged to be creative. Prerequisite: Signals and Systems, Linear Algebra, or
consent by the instructor. Undergraduates in junior or senior years are also
welcome to take this course.
Lecture notes and papers for group discussion will be handed out 

throughout the semester.
  Teaching Method
  Lectures (2 hours/week) and group discussion (1 hour/week). 
Part I   (6 weeks)Fourier Transform and applications, estimation problems  

and solutions
Part II  (6 weeks)Music and Speech
Part III (3 weeks)Physiology, psychology, and biomedical applications



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