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機器人視覺 Robotic Vision (English)


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University 電機工程學系 王學誠

關鍵字: 機器人視覺 Robotic Vision



This course covers fundamental and advanced domains in vision for mobile robots, including topics from early vision to mid- and high-level vision. We will use "Duckietown" (an open course "MIT 2.166 Autonomous Vehicles) as platform, and students will form teams to develop vision-based projects, including mobile robots, assistive robots, or VR.


(This course is taught in English.)



1. Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Richard Szeliski, Springer, 2010. 
2. Robotics, Vision, and Control, Peter Croke, Springer, 2011. 
3. Introduction to Autonomous Robots, Nikolaus Correll, 2015. 
4. Virtual Reality, Steven M. LaValle, 2016
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