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消息理論 Information Theory


國立陽明交通大學(原國立交通大學) 電機工程學系 陳伯寧

關鍵字: Information Theory 消息理論

The purpose of this course is to present a concise, yet mathematically rigorous, introduction to the main pillars of information theory. It thus naturally focuses on the foundational concepts and indispensable results of the subject for single-user systems, where a single data source or message needs to be reliably processed and communicated over a noiseless or noisy point-to-point channel. At the first part of this course, six meticulously core chapters with accompanying problems, emphasizing the key topics of information measures, lossless and lossy data compression, channel coding, and joint source-channel coding. Two appendices covering necessary and supplementary material in real analysis and in probability and stochastic processes are included. At the second part of the course, advanced topics concerning the information theoretic limits of discrete-time single-user stochastic systems with arbitrary statistical memory (i.e., systems that are not necessarily stationary, ergodic or information stable) will be covered.
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