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關鍵字: 數位邏輯設計 Digital Logic Design Karnaugh Map DeMultiplexer Sequential Logic Microprogramming Wallace Tree Example Pipelining Verilog to FPGA and ASICs

尋找興趣,提早準備,贏在起跑點!!想追求更多課本以外的專業知識嗎? 清華大學開放式課程為你種植了一座學習資源森林,等你來探索!現在就走進開放式課程的森林,品嚐最甜美的知識果實!


      Description of the course
This course is about the principles of digital logic and its implementation in circuits and systems. Modern electronics/computer engineers should be able to effectively utilize millions or even billions of logic gates available from advanced semiconductor manufacturing process. Logic design is fundamental to such applications as computer, audio/video/graphics, wired/wireless communication. Some technology from this course will be useful in other courses. For example, finite state machine is essential in compiler design.
   ♠ We will cover the following topics 

1.Introduction to computer circuits
2.Two level Combinational Logic
3.Multilevel Combinational Logic
4.Programmable Logic
5.Arithmetic Logic Circuits
6.Sequential Logic Design
7.Sequential Logic Case Studies
8.Finite State Machine Design
9.Finite State Machine Optimization
10.Computer Organization



      Course Material

  ♠ Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 4th ed Mano & Kime Prentice Hall


       Teaching Method

Home work

Machine problem
(Using Verilog Hardware Description Language and its Simulator)
Quiz, Two Midterms and Final Exam


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